“We are going to prepare an album for 2022”, announces Indochine in Bordeaux

Nicola Sirkis came to speak in person, with his guitarist oLi dE SaT, of the postponement of the “Central Tour” in Bordeaux on April 7th. During a press conference at the Matmut Atlantique stadium, which will host one of the concerts of the anniversary tour on June 4, 2022, Nicola Sirkis also announced the preparation of an album for 2022. Interview.

France Bleu: Was it inevitable to postpone this anniversary tour?

Nicola Sirkis : “When we started to see the hotels that were closing around the stadiums, the festivals that were canceled one after the other, the Minister of Culture who was talking about festivals with 5,000 people seated … But we believed in it until at the last moment. After that, it is only a postponement: we wanted to celebrate our 40 years, we are going to celebrate our 41 years, it is not so serious! We wanted to go to all the stadiums this week for the say, and first in Bordeaux. This also allows us to visit the Matmut Atlantique, because we had not seen it. It’s magnificent, a very beautiful stadium. When we put our first foot on stage, that might be pretty unimaginable. We can’t wait for that. “

Bordeaux should have hosted the first date of the “Central Tour”, on May 29th. And finally, the first concerts in 2022 are organized in Paris …

The problem is the dates. Already, we really wanted to do that on Saturdays, because we know that we have an audience that comes from everywhere. And today, places are taken by storm by other artists … We could not help. The Bordeaux stadium was not free on May 29, but on June 4.

Did you have to celebrate your 40th birthday in stadiums like Matmut Atlantique?

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Stadiums have never been a goal in our career. First of all, we didn’t have a career, we just tried to be as sincere as possible. We had the opportunity to make a stadium thanks to the public. After Black City Parade, we said to ourselves that if we did more, it would be good if we came to the provinces. Because there are now stadiums which are worthy of receiving the public.

Singer Nicola Sirkis and guitarist oLi dE SaT from Indochina, at Matmut Atlantique stadium, on April 7, 2021 © Radio France
Margot Turgy

How much postponing this tour upsets your program? Your projects ?

In the summer of 2021, we were supposed to go into the studio … Well, we’re going to be in the studio earlier than expected, to offer new songs and prepare a new album. It will be released in 2022, just before or just after the anniversary tour.

While waiting for this tour in 2022, are you planning to organize something on social networks?

Online concerts are difficult for us, because it’s like watching TV. We’re not very good at it. And if this is really the future, I think I definitely stop performing. It’s not my thing, because a filmed concert loses its magic. Without the public, we suck! So no, I don’t think we will do live on the internet. On the other hand, that we do nothing on September 29, 2021, 40 years to the day after the first concert in Indochina, that seems impossible to me … We think about it.

Outside of the tour, you were approached to give a test concert in Paris …

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We replied in the affirmative. Now we are waiting for people to come to an agreement, medically, to see if it is possible.

Emmanuel Macron who talks about the beginning of the reopening of places of culture in mid-May, do you believe it?

Until 15 days ago, we believed in our tour …! But yes, talking about an opening in mid-May, it still seems to be better barred than before. And then, the beautiful days arrive … I wish it in any case.

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