we are facing a destructive investment government

The policies promoted by the government of the Fourth Transformation they affect investments in Mexico, as observed in the energy sector and recently with the letter sent by the beverage and beer company Constellations Brand, said the president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), Gustavo de Hoyos.

It is urgent that signals of confidence for the investment are sent because otherwise large investments will be canceled, and “it would be disastrous if we gave ourselves the luxury of letting go” to companies that want to develop projects in the territory.

“We are facing a highly destructive government of investment in the country, and that is why the call is to be given a helm, a turn of 380 degrees, and that the restoration of trust becomes absolute priority of the government, “he said at a press conference, at the end of the signing of the Collaboration Agreement between Coparmex and the Global Compact.

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He explained that the direct responsible for the 0.1% decrease in 2019 is the government because a crisis of confidence in the country and uncertainty broke out that had nothing to do with the economic outlook external, since the largest economy in the world that is a member of Mexico grew, that is, the United States.

“The causes of the decrease are domestic, and to put it more precisely, the person responsible for the decrease is the federal government,” he said.

On the other hand, he referred to the president’s decision Andrés Manuel López Obrador to change the date of the launch of tickets for the raffle of the cost of the presidential plane, about what he said “this raffle of the National lottery, to put it colloquially, it already collides ”, with an irrelevant theme for the economy, especially at times when the country needs to grow.

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