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The brutal outburst of Aka7even in the house ad Friends 20 it only has the result of humiliating Arisa. At the evening of the program Maria De Filippi you risk a diplomatic incident, judging by the young rapper’s out-of-control reaction. Let’s recap: Arisa threw the gauntlet to the student of Anna Pettinelli, proposing the confrontation with Raffaele. The theory of the Abruzzese singer is to enhance one’s pupil by comparing him with another competitor in a “particular” context. Very similar approach to that of another judge-teacher, Lorella Cuccarini, and which has the effect of making Aka7even and Raffaele perform in a rehearsal halfway between singing and dancing. The two will have to sing, therefore, and at the same time perform a choreography on the notes of Never really over of the American pop star Katy Perry.

As soon as he learns of it, Aka7even loses his temper and starts wandering around the house venting loudly and complaining with everyone he meets: “We don’t want to humiliate and denigrate others, min *** a. ‘performance at the circus. I have to perform at the circus or at Friends of Maria De Filippi? I don’t understand this. At the circus I have to perform. Mo let’s get all the singers to dance thanks to Arisa“, were his words intercepted by the cameras.

The rapper, who will now have to do a lesson with the assistant of Stéphane Jarny, artistic director of the evening, protested recalling that dancing is not part of his artistic “world” and that the gauntlet comes at a very difficult time on a personal level. To confirm this, a few days ago he even sketched the idea of ​​retiring. What if Tancredi he reminded him that he could refuse the glove, his teacher Anna Pettinelli of the opposite opinion, who asked him to stop complaining and to see the choreography first and only afterwards, if necessary, to withdraw.

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