We are also expected to discuss specific steps to protect the eastern border from the NATO meeting / Article

He pointed out that this was not a negotiation under Article 4 of the agreement, but a wider discussion.

Rinkēvičs explained that two years ago, when Latvia applied to organize this visit, its purpose was different – to discuss the new NATO strategic concept, but now the situation is complicated both on our border and around Ukraine, so the Minister believes that much of the discussion will be devoted to these issues as well.

“I think the Alliance will discuss them, and the consultation may lead to some decisions about what NATO can do to ensure the security of its members,” he said.

Latvia also expects from this meeting that as a result of the discussion on the new strategic concept, it would be made clear that the protection of member states, including the presence of NATO forces in individual member states, such as ours, is the Alliance’s core mission.

Political scientist Žaneta Ozoliņa, Latvian Radio, emphasized this morning that ten years had passed since the adoption of the previous NATO concept, and so much had changed during those years – both the way countries emphasize threats and the way society perceives various types of threats.

Ozolina: At the forefront of the NATO summit – discussion of the new conceptDaira Zīle

“It is therefore very important for NATO, an organization in which most democracies participate, to reconcile their views and look to the future with a cohesive assessment of what is going on around them.”

Asked about what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, if necessary, NATO could send more than 40,000 troops to Latvia in a short time, Rinkēvičs pointed out that this might be necessary in the event of a concentration of military forces on our eastern border or an escalation. the situation in the wider region of Ukraine, where, following a threat analysis, it would be agreed that NATO’s presence in the region should be strengthened. However, the Foreign Minister expressed hope that he would not arrive until then.


It will take place in Riga on Tuesday and Wednesday Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers, which will focus on the situation on the border with Belarus, the concentration of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border and NATO ‘s new strategic concept. However, it is unlikely that the Alliance will agree on any military action during the meeting.

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