“We Already Controled, How come it’s still called the Black Zone Solo?” Page all


KOMPAS.com- Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo questioning the status embedding black zone to the city Solo, Central Java.

Ganjar does not agree if the mention of the black zone is based on a positive case surge Covid-19 which occurred in the city of Solo.

“We already control it. How many still say (Solo) the black zone?” said Ganjar furiously.

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Starting case spike

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The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 said that Solo was a black zone because of the surge in the Covid-19 case in Solo on Sunday (7/12/2020).

Before Sunday, there were 4 patients treated for Covid-19 in Solo, but the number jumped more than five times, to 22 people who had to be treated.

An additional 18 people, 15 of whom came from the cluster of health workers (NAKES) Dr. Moewardi Hospital which is a student of the Specialist Education Program (PPDS) of the Eleven March University (UNS).

Then the other three people are non-health workers.

Chairman of the Solo Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling, Ahyani, was quoted as saying from TribunSolo.com, said Solo has become a black zone because of the surge in the case.

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Central Java Governor Ganjar PranowoCOMPARISON / REGIONAL FISCATION Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo

Ganjar not received, reveal the data

The mention of the black zone makes Ganjar not accept.

Black zone ki jarene sopo to? (Who does the black zone say?) Maybe the observer or hate it again? How many say black zone. Maybe the black one is your shirt! “Said Ganjar in Semarang, Tuesday (07/14/2020).

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The surge in cases, said Ganjar, could not immediately make Solo a black zone.

Based on data, positive cases of Covid-19 in Solo reached 64 people.

Of that number, 22 patients were still being treated, 37 people were declared cured and 5 people died.

There were fewer cases in Solo compared to Salatiga City, 92 cases with details of 19 patients being treated and 73 being cured.

The highest case in Central Java is still occupied by the City of Semarang with 2,565 cases. However, the status of the city was not yet a black zone.

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Clarification of Solo Mayor

The Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo with Solo Police Chief Commissioner Andy Rifai Pol at Solo City Hall, Central Java, Tuesday (07/14/2020).KOMPAS.com/LABIB ABOUT IT The Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo with Solo Police Chief Commissioner Andy Rifai Pol at Solo City Hall, Central Java, Tuesday (07/14/2020).

Had acknowledged Solo was called the black zone, Solo Mayor FX. Hadi Rudyatmo clarified the status.

Rudy, as he was familiarly called, initially did not mind Solo being said to be a black zone due to an unnatural spike in cases. He hopes the community can be more vigilant with the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

However, on Tuesday (07/14/2020) Rudy said Solo had a reddish orange zone.

“Solo is not a black zone. But the zones of orange are rather reddish. So that the community must be alert,” Rudy said.

However, he did not change a number of decisive steps to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in his region.

Such as closing the Square which is the center of the crowd, as well as doing a sudden swab for the crowded crowd.

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“Once we swarm all over we do a sudden swab. Because it does not want to be regulated. Because we have been given a seat that has been drawn, still the group does not want to wear masks,” said Rudy.

Source: Kompas.com (Author: Solo Contributor, Labib Zamani | Editor: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief)

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