We all have something CSR in us

Why do you support the University of Entrepreneurs?

We are a historical partner of the University. This event is one of the most relevant in Gironde due to the mix of expertise and exchanges it offers. As business leaders, we always need this putting into perspective the major issues of society, to which we are necessarily sensitive because in constant contact with economic and social developments. The leader must know how to appropriate them so as not to suffer them, the University is therefore a precious help to succeed. As for the beautiful closing evening, it is as much a moment of quality as an opportunity to develop its network.

How did the theme of the University of Entrepreneurs appeal to you this year?

It seduced us as much as those of previous years! Implementing a CSR approach is a relevant response to major challenges. Let us not forget that the building industry is a “labor intensive sector”. We account for more than a million direct jobs at the national level spread over a fabric fundamentally made up of craftsmen, micro-businesses and SMEs. The human dimension is necessarily at the heart of our daily concerns. As for the environmental dimension, how can we not think about it when it is our companies that make our living environment?

What commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility have you developed within your federation?

One of the ambitions of our Federation is to promote the progress of its members. However, CSR is a key factor of performance and modernity which brings meaning and ethics to work. Talking about CSR means first of all putting a label on behaviors that already exist. It doesn’t always mean reinventing hot water, but also realizing what you are already doing and then moving forward. And it is also knowing how to value it.

In April 2021, the FFB created the site “Responsible builder” (www.rse.ffbatiment.fr ) to support its members in setting up a CSR approach, regardless of their level of knowledge of the subject.

This tool allows:

  • to self-assess on major themes using a questionnaire specific to building trades. Four themes are dealt with: preservation of the environment, fair practices, responsible employer and local roots. Through the questions asked, practical tools are offered to improve your approach.
  • to edit a CSR report. It promotes the company’s commitment to its customers, including local communities, but also to its employees. All the content is customizable and adapted to the image of the company.
  • to sign the “Responsible builder” charter to formalize the company’s commitment.

From June 15, 2021, the FFB innovated once again by launching a series of five podcasts in order to publicize and encourage this virtuous approach. “CSR Vision” reviews the essential points of a successful transformation with testimonials from committed entrepreneurs. Each ten-minute episode deals with a particular angle and the episodes are available free of charge, as they are published, on the main applications and listening platforms, with the possibility of subscribing so as not to miss any episode. .

One last word ?

Building and CSR are two words that go very well together!