Dean Leroy (75), the manager of the Chinese national team, used humor to look back on the batting line that could not hit Ohtani.

“Unfortunately, I got on the bus on time.”

I said that and smiled. He was held to one hit and no score in the fourth inning. After the warm-up game on the 6th, he was asked about Japanese players to be wary of, and he joked, “If possible, I hope that the taxi or bus will be late when Ohtani enters the stadium.” However, that statement was reported in the context of him raising the “white flag” before the fight. At the press conference on the day before the 8th, he expressed his anger, saying, “That (reporting) is not right. The only place where the white flag is flying is the Japanese flag. I have never given up before the game.” was

Then came the battle. As a result, I couldn’t hit Ohtani. When asked what Ohtani’s countermeasures were, he answered with humor, “I got on the bus on time.”

In fact, it is instructed to shake aggressively from an early count. “The players defended me faithfully, but his strength surpassed them. I had the attitude to go for Otani. It will lead to tomorrow,” he said, appreciating the efforts of the players while acknowledging the strength of Ohtani. .

Samurai Japan’s opening game wins off!Winning pitcher Shohei Ohtani scoreless in the 4th inning & 2 RBIs/live bulletin details