Water crisis in Bogor predicted due to El Nino phenomenon


The Food Crops, Horticulture and Plantation Service (Distanhorbun) noted that a number of areas are predicted to experience a water crisis in the region. Bogor Regency, West Java. One of the reasons for this water crisis is the el nino phenomenon that hit Indonesia from July to September.

Head of Business Protection and Service for Distanhobun Bogor Regency, Judi Rahmat, said that this year it is predicted that there will be a water crisis. In fact, according to him, it has reached the stage of a crisis of water.

“Because there will be an El Nino, there will be a high summer season with a high chance of it. In fact, almost every area in the east, west or even there is when the water source is not good, it will experience a crisis,” Judi told reporters, quoted on Thursday (1/6/ 2023).

Meanwhile, some of the areas that are experiencing a water crisis are in the eastern part of Bogor Regency, namely the Jonggol and Tanjungsari Districts.

“Jonggol, Tanjung Sari, because the springs there are small,” he said.

Judi said that for the western part of Bogor Regency, the water is relatively good. Particularly in the Tenjo District area, the government already has irrigated rice fields.

“So the paddy fields can be used when it rains, but when it’s raining it can’t be used,” he added.

Judi added that the impact of el nino needs to be considered for agriculture in the Bogor Regency area. Referring to the data it has, Bogor Regency has 2 to 3 harvest seasons.

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“What is still good is that we are pushing it, at least one year’s production is not too reduced. We once harvested around 600 thousand tons of dry unhusked rice, that’s what we want to maintain,” he said.

He revealed that his party would continue to socialize to the public not to delay planting. While it’s raining and the current irisagi is still pretty good.

“Finish the harvest quickly planting, finished harvesting quickly planting. Later during the dry season practically no water can not plant,” he said.


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