Water charge hike Rs 50-500; The water authority ordered to increase the rate

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ With the publication of the water authority’s order revising the water charge, it is confirmed that there will be an increase of Rs 50-500 per month in various slabs. Minister Roshi August’s attempt in the Legislative Assembly to justify the increase in water charges after the budgetary surcharges has been ridiculed.

Asked in the House whether 100 liters per day is not enough for a family, the minister later claimed that he had twisted his words and meant 100 liters per person. Speaker A.N.Shamseer also criticized the minister for issuing an order without notifying the increase in charges in the House. The increase is one paisa per litre. 10 per 1000 liters will be increased by Rs. Free up to 15,000 liters per month for BPL families.

Minimum users (up to 5000 litres) who were currently paying Rs 22.05 per month will now be Rs 72.05 – an increase of 226%. The rate for users of 5000-10,000 liters per month will increase from Rs 22.05-44.10 to Rs 72.05-144.10. The rate for users of 50,000 liters will increase by Rs.500. If the average consumption of a family of four is 20,000 liters per month, the additional charge will be Rs.200. The water authority issues the bill once in 2 months. Out of 41.41 lakh clean water connections in the state, 39.79 lakh are in households.

Check the May bill for the full increase

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Based on the utilization of January and February, the revised rate increase will be partially included in the water bill issued next month. The new rate will be effective from February 3. The revised rate will be fully reflected only in the May bill based on March and April usage.

English Summary: Details of renewed water tariff in Kerala

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