watchOS 7.0.1 available: bug fixes for Apple Watch

watchOS 7 is the latest major update to the Apple Watch. There are all kinds new features in watchOS 7 that you can take advantage of, like the new ones hand washing function. But with such a major update, something can always go wrong, according to our overview with the most important bugs and problems in watchOS 7. We therefore expected an update from Apple soon and it is now ready for you in the form of watchOS 7.0.1.

watchOS 7.0.1 available

The two main issues we encounter watchOS 7users have encountered are the reduced battery life and lack of workout routes. Battery issues usually resolve themselves or can be resolved by unplugging and reconnecting the Apple Watch. But the problem with the workout routes is a lot more persistent. A number of users notice that only the starting position is saved with new workouts, while workouts from the past no longer show a map of a running, walking or cycling workout.

It is not yet clear whether Apple can do anything about this problem or whether it has been resolved in watchOS 7.0.1. It doesn’t look like it, as appears from a first look at the release notes:

watchOS 7.0.1 includes improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed an issue where some payment cards in Wallet were disabled for some users

Some features may not be available in all regions or all Apple devices available. For more information about the security aspects of software updates, refer to the following website:

Download watchOS 7.0.1
To perform the update, do the following on the paired iPhone:

  1. Go to My Watch> General.
  2. Tap on Software-update and wait for the update to download.
  3. Hang the Apple Watch on the charger and wait patiently for the update to be installed.

While the Apple Watch is updating, keep the paired iPhone nearby so as not to interfere with the update process. Updating the Apple Watch can take more than an hour, so be patient. In any case, make sure that the connection to the charger is not interrupted. To complete the installation, it is mandatory to connect the Apple Watch to the charger, so keep that in mind.

You can also update directly via the Apple Watch itself:

  1. Open the Settings app on the Apple Watch.
  2. Go to General> Software update.
  3. Wait for the Apple Watch will search for the update.
  4. Tap on To download.
  5. After downloading, put the Apple Watch on the charger. The installation will start automatically.

Does the installation fail? In front of watchOS installatieproblemen, read our corresponding article.

Note: keep the responses on-topic, concrete and clear for others. Personal status updates or your download started / successful will not add anything to the discussion. It may also take a little longer before the update is visible. You do not have to report this either. These responses will be deleted.

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