Watch the video .. Al-Waleed Al-Halani wows his fans with his new song in Iraqi dialect

Amaze the Lebanese artist Al-Waleed Al-Halani His fans for his new song “Rah Record My Spirit in Your Name” which is in Iraqi dialect.

Al-Walid posted a video clip of the song through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, where the public interacted extensively, expressing a desire to hear it.

Al-Walid Al-Hillani said in his commentary on the video: “My eyes are you, my soul is you, and my blood is your blood …”.

In late August, Al-Waleed Al-Hillani released his song “Trend Season” in Egyptian dialect, written by Adham Moataz, composed by Tiam Ali and distributed by Hisham Mohamed.

The song got about two and a half million views on the official Al-Walid Al-Halani channel on the social networking site “YouTube”.

The song had a fast-paced character that suited the summer vibe and gained wide audience coverage.

Al-Waleed Al-Hillani had previously released the song “You are the Dream” earlier this year, and the song achieved good success in the release before that of the song “Bakir Al Hob”, which was written and composed by Fares Iskandar and distributed by Omar Sabbagh, while the video clip was directed by Ahmed Al-Munajjid.

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