Watch .. The heroine of the series Bab Al-Hara takes off her panties and dances to a foreign song in a crude way .. Watch (video leaked)

Now you are following the news of the heroine of the Bab Al-Hara series, taking off her underwear and dancing to a foreign song in a crude way. Watch (leaked video) and now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – Social media accounts interested in star and art news have released a bold video clip of series star Bab Al-Hara, Canada Hanna. 70195338

These accounts were wondering if it was the Syrian star who managed his accounts on communication sites, and then posted the video clip, or was he hacked and the clip leaked?

Followers expressed their shock at the appearance of the artist, Canada Hanna, in the video, changing clothes at home to the tune of a foreign song.

Others said the Syrian star exaggerated her audacity and asked her to be modest and stay away from the path of temptation, as she is a wife and mother of three. According to them.

At the beginning of the video, the star of the famous Syrian series “Bab Al-Hara” was documented, wearing a black bra and dancing in front of the camera, before documenting her wearing a transparent dress, then a bra-like blouse, and finally a bra.

The idea in which Hanna appeared has spread through social networking sites, in a challenge spread by users around the world, where they appear in domestic clothes, before covering the camera to appear in outer clothes again.

In the Bab Al-Hara series, Hanna embodied the character of Sarah, the Jewish girl who falls in love with the son of the leader of the hyena district Abu Essam, whose character was embodied by the Syrian artist Wael Sharaf and was known as Moataz.

Interestingly, the artist, Canada Hanna, is married to the Syrian director Naji Ta’my and has three children with him: Fares, Christine and Catalia.

Recently, Syrian star Canada Hanna was back in the world of cinema again, after joining the film “You Are Wounded”, directed by Naji Ta’my, written by Qamar Al-Zaman Alloush and produced by the General Authority for the Radio and Television – TV Production Management.

The film will feature a selection of Syrian drama stars, some of which have been announced, such as the skilled artist Nadine Khoury and artist Tawfiq Iskandar.

The story of the film revolves around the meaning of the word “life” and the different and various values ​​it contains, the strength it needs and the different feelings it transmits, ranging from love and other things, so that the idea of The film is about the battle with the first self, starting from everything that surrounds man.


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