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More information about the classic games from PS1 and PSP and their operation on PS4 and PS5 is starting to leak to us. We’ve written before about higher resolution, bigger framerat, fast save, rewind or possible newly included trophy support. Now a few more details have emerged. The games will also be available in the original resolution and in different aspect ratios. They offer several filters, including one that mimics old CRT screens.

But what should we tell you? It is better to look directly at the video published by the magazine MP1st. You can also see fast saving and uploading here. Thanks to it, it is possible to completely skip the splash screens when starting the game. All this is presented at the game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. The first pictures from the games also get out. All this thanks to the fact that the new version of PlayStatation Plus is already launching in Asia. And classics from older consoles are here separately out of subscription they sell in terms of $ 5 to $ 10. Specifically, they appeared in Malaysian PS Storu.

As we wrote before, the service in Europe, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, starts on June 23. You can study Czech prices in the table or in older article. Even those who have previously paid for their digital versions on older platforms will be able to download classics from older consoles even without a subscription on PS4 and PS5. List of confirmed games for the new PS Plus can be found here.

Source: Sony

New PlayStation Plus subscriptions at a glance

PlayStation Plus Essential PlayStation Plus Extra PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe
CZK 235 per month / CZK 650 quarterly / CZK 1,560 per year CZK 365 per month / CZK 1,040 quarterly / CZK 2,600 per year CZK 445 per month / CZK 1,300 quarterly / CZK 3,120 per year
Two games a month for free All previous rewards All previous rewards
Exclusive discounts Catalog of up to 400 titles from the era of PS4 and PS5 Up to 340 older titles. PS3 games only streamed, PS1, PS2 and PSP games can be downloaded and streamed
Stored positions in the cloud Includes games from PlayStation Studios and 3rd party titles Access the PS Now library with other streaming games from PS1, PS2, PSP and PS4. However, only in countries where PS Now is now supported
Access to online multiplayer Games are downloaded and played locally Time-limited game trials

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