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Home rapper Rolands Če has given his listeners his new song “Riņķa deja (Russian Roulette)”, for which a video has also been made.

In Latvian hip-hop circles, rolands če has gained recognition for a long time, but he became known to the general public after the success of the single “Tort” in the radio and digital environment at the end of 2019.

Rolands če is a rapper, songwriter and producer from Talsi, who has been involved in music for more than ten years, focusing on it more professionally in 2016. He works as a solo artist in music and participates in several joint projects, the best known of which is the duo together with his colleague xantikvariāts – the last joint album of both of them “Siera Plate 2” was also nominated for the Latvian Music Record of the Year Award “Golden Microphone 2019”. This year, Rolands Če has started cooperating with the music publishing house Universal Music Group, and the song “Riņķa deja (Russian Roulette)” is the first fruit of its cooperation.

It must be admitted that the song from Talsi has been surprisingly interesting – it is not kept in the typical mood of Latvian rap, but it is an energetic and rhythmic piece, the leitmotif of which is almost in the spirit of “Royal Blood”. The video is also challenging and quite interesting. The song “Ring Dance (Russian Roulette)” is basically my “all or nothing” statement. I finally know 100% what I want – throw faith, conviction, doubt, hate, love in a pot and keep it boiling over and over again. I take my angels and demons by the hand and turn to dance together, ”Roland Che describes the creation of the new single.

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