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Watch .. Protests by Turks and chants inside the Great Mosque of Mecca raise anger

A controversial video clip spread among Turkish sympathizers inside the Great Mosque of Mecca and chanting political slogans, which sparked widespread controversy because of its lack of respect for the sanctity of the place.

The groups lining up next to each other, shouting loudly, “With the soul in blood, we redeem you, O maximum,” in protest of Trump’s peace plan.

The clip sparked outrage on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, and users objected to the use of the Great Mosque of Mecca to launch demonstrations or slogans of any kind.

And that such a protest may open the doors to other demands and become a habit to broadcast other political purposes that go beyond the sanctity of the Sacred Mosque, and they demanded that the authorities take a firm stance towards the protests even if they were for the sake of al-Aqsa.

One of the tweeters called d. Faisal: “We must stand up to those who disturb and make noise on worship in the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the sanctuary for worship and not for empty political slogans … Why do the Turks not go to Al-Aqsa where their embassy is there and dozens of Turkish trips to it daily! Or do they want to desecrate the Sacred Mosque with their filth? “.

On the contrary, some users saw that chanting in the name of Al-Aqsa was not a defect, and they were surprised by the pioneers of the communication sites’ objection to what the Turks did.

“Glory to God, the chanting of the extremes has become profanity and filth,” he wrote, chanting, “I swear to God, I fear, after days, I cannot utter no god but God.” But the users justified this by saying that there are hundreds of places where chants can be chanted instead of violating God’s rituals.


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