Watch Princess Charlotte whisper to her brother and teach him how to behave at the funeral

Although seven-year-old Princess Charlotte is two years younger than her brother, Prince George, second in line to the British throne after her father, Prince William, appeared yesterday, Monday, giving her older brother a lecture on royal protocol, and with a quick chuck in his ear, he was able to sort out his words Body language experts, and some local media found that he caught the spotlight for a while yesterday, Monday, during The funeral of their great-grandmother Elizabeth II.

Everything the little princess said to her brother, dressed in black as he mourns the queen’s death, is one of 10 words, which we find written in a short whisper video presented by “Al” below, which it means: “When they get in the car, you must bow down” in At a time when their great-grandmother’s coffin passed in front of young people and their relatives of the royal family.

At that moment Prince George immediately seemed to have taken his sister’s instructions seriously, so he bowed his head as the queen’s coffin passed him to get into a car that took him to his final resting place in a chapel attached to Windsor Palace outside London, and it seems that things were confused about Princess Charlotte, he thought that even those who carried the coffin to the transport car will enter it with him.

small family

Then the two young princes drove in a royal car with their mother, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, and accompanied by Queen consort Camilla, consort of King Charles III, without Prince Louis, the youngest of the family, who is 4 years old. , dedicated to attracting the attentions of adults with strange behaviors, some of whom we saw on television when last June was celebrated the queen’s platinum jubilee, or the 70th anniversary of her coronation.

That day, the little family member stuck his tongue out with his mother, provoking her, when she asked him to reduce his annoying adult movements, then covered her mouth with his hand as he sat next to her looking at the paragraphs. of jubilee celebrations, and then he opened his palm and began to dance with his fingers to look like an angry resentment towards him, then he also tore out the lights for a moment, but in different circumstances he accepted his presence.

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