Watch out for these cars! 15 models that most often have a twisted tachometer –

The actual mileage is one of the important indicators of the condition and wear of the car. It is no wonder that turning tachometers is a common and proven trick of fraudsters with used cars. If they manage to falsify the history of the car, it means for the buyer to pay a higher price than the actual value of the car sought. And then also the often large unexpected costs of service.

The carVertical company, which examines the history of cars on the basis of their VIN codes, has identified 15 models of used cars, which cars have the most frequently rolled kilometers. It analyzed more than half a million pieces of data in its extensive database over the 12 months from last October to this year. The data comes from losses around the world, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Germany, Croatia, Russia and even the USA.

And the results show that the most frequent mileage is on German cars, which is not such an extraordinary finding given that they are cars that sell well in European markets. The segmentation of cars is interesting – premium models have much more frequently rolled kilometers than cars of lower class. The most frequent mileage is on luxury BMW 7 Series and X5 cars. However, the ranking also includes Volkswagen cars and Škoda cars.

15 cars with the most frequently rolled kilometers (click to enlarge):

“Mileage is often twisted, leading to unpredictable operating costs. Therefore, a car can become an unpredictable financial disaster from the very beginning. Maintaining a vehicle that has 100,000 miles or kilometers rolled can be unpredictable and very costly. At the same time, it will be disadvantageous for its resale in the future, “warns carVertical, adding that buyers should check the used vehicle online before making a transaction to find out the actual mileage.

Cars with curled kilometers by year of production:

One of the key factors in mileage is the age of the car. The study shows that twisted premium cars are usually older than twisted cars of the lower class.

For example, BMW models often have curled kilometers when they are 10 to 15 years old. For Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, twisted tachometers usually appear in the production years 2002-2004.

Lower class cars with a twisted tachometer are usually newer. Data on the Volkswagen Passat, Škoda Superb and Škoda Octavia show that these cars are most often bottled during operation in the first decade.

Diesel is bottled more often

Diesel cars are designed to cover long distances, which leads to higher ramps and thus more frequent mileage. Drivers in Western countries sell cars with high mileage and costly maintenance, and these cars usually end up in Eastern European countries with falsified data. “We commonly come across imported vehicles from Western European countries that have traveled more than 300,000 km. After turning the odometer, the value of these cars can increase fraudulently,” notes carVertical.

Some of the cars in the ranking of the most frequently used models, such as the Audi A6, Volkswagen Touareg and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, are almost all diesel-powered. There are only a few percent of bottled gasoline variants. “The big gap between cars with these types of fuel means that there is less risk of buying a car with a petrol engine and mileage,” adds carVertical.

Comparison of models that have twisted kilometers, by fuel type:

Its data confirm that it is most often cheated with the number of kilometers traveled in Central and Eastern Europe. For example, every tenth car in Romania and Latvia probably has twisted kilometers, in our country it is a bit less:


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