Watch out for Liverpool, Man City is now duplicating Gegenpressing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Premier League Bigmatch between Liverpool vs Manchester City predicted to be a battle of two adherent teams counterpressing.

Liverpool will host Man City at Anfield Stadium, Sunday (3/10). Both of these teams have great qualities that can destroy any opponent if allowed to play in their own way.

Term counterpressing Indeed, it was inherently attached to Jurgen Klopp and was transmitted perfectly when he handled Liverpool. However, The Guardian analyzes, City currently has a character that is not much different, namely by applying a high defense line from the opponent’s area.

Duel possession of the ball could be the final decision in this match. Man City have proven their quality when they beat Chelsea 1-0 through Gabriel Jesus’ goal last week.

Not only superior possession of the ball as much as 62 percent of Chelsea, Pep Guardiola’s squad also effectively carried out high pressing which made it difficult for the Blues to build attacks from below.

Overall, The Citizens succeeded in breaking up the Chelsea game scenario to play from behind. The key, their attackers tirelessly help the defense in the final third of the opponent’s area.

Man City’s success over Chelsea is trying to be repeated against Liverpool. However, Pep Guardiola had to mentally whip his players who had collapsed due to the 0-2 defeat to Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League.

In addition, Man City also needs physical readiness to apply high pressing. The fitness of the players must be excellent even though they have only played two tough and tiring matches.

The Manchester Blue defense also deserves credit for conceding just one goal in six league games. However, this solid defense would not be complete without the help of the attackers.

Gabriel Jesus, Phil Foden, and Jack Grealish were the keys to demonstrating high pressing. Grealish is the only player who has to adapt to Guardiola’s character and desires.

It’s no secret that Man City is dominant in possession of the ball. Especially when facing a team whose quality is below them. However, Gabriel Jesus et al had to show greater effort when facing Liverpool, which is known for its gegenpressing philosophy.

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