Watch out, Ben Affleck! Is JLo’s ass insured?

Jennifer López has turned 52, and in 2020, when she was still living in her Miami home and confined with Álex Rodríguez, she would not be able to imagine how she would celebrate it: spending the summer in Saint-Tropez with the love of his life, who once lost and who has returned to it through the big door, and declaring to the four winds the solidity of their romance. First they kissed in front of the paparazzi and some family members, then Ben Affleck walked like a ‘hottie’ with JLo’s children and now photos and videos are taken from his yacht in those who proclaim their love. And some are giving a lot to talk about.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss

Needless to say, the singer is absolutely fabulous as the half century passes. Clearly, Ben Affleck knows it: with this video that he has recorded of his girlfriend and they have uploaded as is to his Instagram account, with the original sound, they show us how well the star of Latin music is preserved that ‘yesterday, yesterday’ premiered Jenny from the block, the song that catapulted her to stardom. In the video, as Jennifer poses in a bikini, Ben’s encouraging words are heard, that like a good photographer tells you how to pose and applauds all your thanks.

Apparently, It was Ben himself who sent an e-mail to Jennifer López months ago asking how everything was going, when she was in the Dominican Republic filming the movie Shotgun Wedding. After his breakup with Ana de Armas and Jennifer and Álex Rodríguez’s breakupIt was clear that the intention was not just friendly. The 52-year-old singer and 48-year-old actor seem to have picked up where they left off … even when it comes to posing!

Life imitates art

This Sunday, July 25, the paparazzi captured Ben and JLo on the Saint Tropez yacht, basking in the sun and apparently rProducing the scene from the iconic music video of Jenny from the block: her, lying with her back up in a bikini, and him, touching the most famous butt in the United States. The photo is funny, although the internet has not been without reprimands to Ben’s unenthusiastic face, gazing absentmindedly at the horizon and you don’t seem aware of what’s in the palm of your hand (literally). Let’s hope you don’t miss out on this second chance again!

Images of the video clip of ‘Jenny from the block’

The photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer López that is causing people to talk

The couple is in their sweetest moment, and this is how we have seen them these days: on Leah Remini’s 51st birthday, the actress known for her work unmasking Tom Cruise’s Scientology and who appeared alongside JLo in the film Second Act, or in the romantic streets of Saint-Tropez, strolling his love and giving each other more kisses in front of the attentive and discreet gaze of the paparazzi. Even if it is clear that they do not want to hide itAnd if not you just have to see the photos and videos of JLo’s birthday.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate her birthday in St. Tropez ABACA

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Saint-Tropez on July 24, after celebrating her birthday at a restaurant ABACA

Is Jennifer Lopez’s butt insured?

The other thing that is inevitable to think about when looking at the photos of Ben Affleck staring blankly and his hand on JLo’s butt is that rumor, never confirmed but so repeated that it clings to our memory like reality itself, that Jennifer López’s buttocks are insured for a millionaire sum. The truth is that she has never said anything about it, but there are multiple means that have been calculated by how much money would it be possible for JLo to insure her butt: Cristiano Ronaldo insured his legs for 144 million, Julia Roberts’s smile is insured for 300 and Kim Kardashian did insure her ass for 10 million euros, so in the case of JLo, famous for her firm body and her movements, it wouldn’t be crazy.

The body can be insured as long as it is an important source of income, and its damage can damage the business of those who need it for a living. And the amount will depend on how many benefits this report to you and, of course, on what annual amount you are willing to pay to cover yourself in the event of that eventuality. CHANCE analyzed JLo’s case to find out for how much money, in the case of doing so, it would be possible for JLo to insure his butt, and the result is the following.

Jennifer López shows off her body at 52 years old

The singer earned a year in 2020, between tours, advertising and television and film appearances, about 39.5 million dollars, according to this medium. The insurance that compensates for a loss of income in the event that that part of the body suffers an accident should, according to the calculations, require that JLo pay a premium of about $ 31,000 per year to be protected in this case, since would need about 123,132 dollars of compensation to compensate the income that you would be losing if you did not work. According to an insurance company, it would be reasonable to insure your butt for 6 million euros. But don’t worry, Ben! Safe or not, you won’t have to pay for it: you can now relax that gesture and continue enjoying your holidays in Saint-Tropez.



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