Watch – Nelly Karim highlights her beauty in a bold white shirt

The beautiful actress shared Nelly Karim A new photo of him through the Astori service on his official page of the social network for the exchange of photos and videos, Instagram.

and appeared Nelly Karim During their meeting in one of the European countries to spend the summer holidays, she wore a white shirt and dark blue trousers, and a dark green jacket was tied at the waist.As for aesthetics, she relied on a little makeup with the use of lipstick leaving her month hanging on her back.

The artist participates in the film “Tuesday 12”, to record his first experience in Emirati cinema, alongside a large number of artists, including: Bassem Yakhour, Omar Mikati, Badi ‘Abu Shakra, Stephanie Atallah, Joya Jabbour , Pierre Semaan, Nour Ihab and Carol Abboud.

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