Watch Live Football Real Madrid vs Ath.Bilbao (Link)

Watch Live Football Real Madrid vs Ath.Bilbao (Link)

Super Cup (Spain)

Watch Live Football Real Madrid vs Ath Bilbao (Link): The last remaining Premier League match of the week, Miguel Arteta’s artillery has a chance to return to the center of the table once again if kept. 3 points in this match, this game will have to open the home for the visit of the Prasat Ruen Kaew, Crystal Palace, this match the home team has sent Alesandre La Casette to shoot while the visiting team leads the army. By Wilfried Zaha met with the availability of both teams in the English Premier League on Thursday 14 January.

Real Madrid meet Ath. Bilbao
Spanish Super Cup
Live broadcast of Real Madrid meets Athel Bilbao: Click
Thursday 14 January 2021 Time: 3.00 (Black Friday morning)
Field: Estadio La Rosaleda (Central)

Readiness of both teams

Real Madrid :

  • Zidane was unable to use the muscular Rodrico, had to rest until March, as did Luka Jovic, who had not yet healed, and Martin Odegard had to wait for a fitness check. Again
  • Eden Hazard recovered from injury, returned from the last match, including Mariano Diaz, who was also converted to fitness, and Dani Garvajal was released from the ban. Can help the defensive line in this match
  • Expect the main body to still use the same set, Ramos, stand center-back and midfield Rafael Varan, send Gazemiro to coordinate with Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. Szabquez, Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard

Karim Benzema prepares to hunt for the score in the front.

Ath. Bilbao :

  • Marcelino will still be unable to use Unai Lopez and Peruno Las Cuain, two defensive midfielders who have suffered injuries, and Yuri Berchiche’s cases have been injured. Real in the latest game, as well as Yerai Alvarez, who has returned to train with the team.
  • In this game, Marcelino will not make much of an adjustment from the defeat of Barca, retaining Unai Nñez and Injico Martinez as the center-back as before in the center of Unai Benzeda. Raul takes control of the game with Miguel Veska and sends Inyaki Williams to stand on the net with Raul Garcia in front

Interesting bits :

  • Zinedine Zidane led the team to attack Osasuna 0-0 in the last game. It is undefeated in the league in 8 games in a row, but holds the ranking of the La Liga table
  • Marcelino Garcia Toral made his debut as a trainer for Athir Bilbao in the first match, losing 2-3 to Barcelona.

List of players expected to enter the field (

Thaiger Decide

Real Madrid will use a large suit to play with. Bilbao in this match And believe that with the quality of the players that will make the white king’s players defeat the visitors

Real Madrid 2-0 Athlet Bilbao

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