Watch Dogs: Legion has microtransactions, but they are mainly for cosmetic matters

Watch Dogs: Legion will be released at the end of this month and you can get an extensive impression of it here find back. Ubisoft is also planning a lot with the game after the release, so players will be able to enjoy themselves for a long time. Some of the post-launch content will be free, but will also be covered by the Season Pass.

Besides that, the game also has microtransactions, but before you immediately scream murder and fire… it is purely for cosmetic and secondary matters. The game uses WD Credits to buy extras in the form of maps for collectables, ETO packs (in-game currency), special Operatives, cosmetic items and more, Ubisoft says. know.

Some of the things mentioned can be seen as a ‘shortcut’ for the gameplay or as a booster. None of these purchases are necessary to progress in the game, as they have no direct impact on gameplay development. To give an indication, € 1 equals 100 WD Credits.

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