Watch before cancellation .. A sensational scandal by Sama Al-Masry talking about his opinion on the man who bleeds his eyes .. a strong man and I don’t like the short

The dancer Sama Al-Masry attacked several personalities during her participation in the “Harem Asrar” program presented by Amir Karara, such as Mustafa Kamel, Tamer Amin and Sahar Al-Jaara, in addition to her speech on entering the parliamentary elections and her reaction in the case of Hazem Abu Ismail released from prison, and his confession of having caused the suspension of the program “La Sosta” due to his bold words.

Sama stated that he intends to develop an electoral program worthy of the residents of his constituency and spoke of the fact that many candidates in the parliamentary elections are corrupted by the National Party, some of them are recorded pornographic films and many of the candidates have question marks, while all it did was present a group of songs that some see as plagiarism, bold, and criticized the writer Sahar Al-Jaara, who demanded that she be denied the nomination.

She added that if she had been a man she would have chosen the name Ahmed, and that Ahmed would have been attracted to the character of Hoyam in the Harem Al Sultan series, and among Egyptian artists, what she likes most as a female Hind Rostom is because she is sexy. and elegant without intention, and he denied performing plastic surgery, but he did not deny his desire for it

And about her marriage to journalist Ahmed Moussa, Sama confirmed that it is a rumor and that she doesn’t like the short man, saying: “Ahmed Moussa Janbi is very short, the groom like … I don’t like the short. man, she’s side by side with a short man, like, “and she claimed that her emotional life only included two men or only three, because it’s hard to fall in love and she’s nervous, which no one can tolerate.

He confirmed that if Hazem Abu Ismail had been released from prison, he would have arranged a wedding for him, because he was providing her with the raw material for his songs and that there is no longer anyone who can mock him in the same way, noting that perhaps the governor of Alexandria can film a song about him because his wife attended the meetings.

In the section on sending messages, Sama Al-Masry attacked singer Mustafa Kamel and claimed that he is multifaceted and everyone has known this since the days of the Brotherhood, citing his defense of former president Hosni Mubarak during the revolution, then the his statement that Muhammad Morsi is the rabbi’s choice, and after June 30 he released the song “Teleem Al-Ayyad”. As for the journalist Tamer Amin, she asked that she keep her promise to work as an electrician in case she passed the medical examination as a candidate for parliament, and for the beating of the journalist Reham Saeed, she said she was provoked because of her relationships with she in the landfill program where she hosted, could not control her nerves, especially after talking about her imprisonment and telling her “Prison and previous responses”.


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