Watch: As a child, Gamal Heba Magdy steals the spotlight

The Egyptian actress, Heba Magdy, published on her account on the “Instagram” photo and video application, a picture from her archive that caught the attention of many observers, in which a child appeared standing on a stage.

Commenting, she wrote: “My stance on the stage and the encouragement of my parents and my mother Leah from childhood are the most beautiful memories of my life and affecting my life. My ambition and my life will not forget the fatigue that I have worked for because I am earning its credit now. Praise be to God,” according to (Laha magazine).

In a very few hours, she aroused the interest of more than 175,000 followers who compared her form in the past with that of the current one, and some saw that she was still preserving her innocent features.

It is noteworthy that the star warned earlier about the spread of a fake account bearing her name on “Twitter”. She commented on this in an exclusive interview with “her” and said: “I do not have any account on Twitter and what that account announces on my name I do not know anything about it.”

She added, “I was surprised that this fake account publishes pictures from time to time and sometimes on a daily basis, in addition to pictures of me with my artist friends.”


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