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There is a lot to do in the library this week and in the coming period.

This week in the Voorschoten Library

Date Activity start time / Consultation time
Tue 26 Nov 10.00 Digital counseling hours
Tue 26 Nov 10.00 Module Brigade
Tue 29 Nov 19.00 Health, well-being and being: the healing power of family constellations
Wed Nov 30 2:30pm Read aloud
Thu 01 Dec 10.00 Linguistic consultation time
Fri 02 Dec 13.00 Taalcafé
Fri 02 Dec 13.30 Financial Information Desk (FIP)
Sun 04 Dec 13-16.00 Voorschoten Library open
Mon 05 Dec Library open until 16.00

This week in the Wassenaar Library
Date Activity start time / Consultation time
Sat Nov 26 10:30am Read aloud
Sat 26 Nov 10am Antiquarian Bougainville / HIP Office Hours
Tue 29 Nov 14.00 Digital consultation time
Wed 30 Nov 19.00 Health, well-being and being: the healing power of family constellations
Thu 01 Dec 10.00 Linguistic consultation time
Fri 02 Dec 13.00 Taalcafé
Fri 02 Dec 14.00 Afternoon of ‘Palaver’ games for the elderly
Sat 03 Dec 10:30 Read aloud
Sat 03 Dec 10.00 HIP consultation time
Mon 05 Dec Library open until 16.00

Zen in December: Yoga for children

Even so busy this period? Relax! In the festive month of December when the kids are often super busy and there are a lot of impressions to process, let’s try to create some rest time. An hour in which children can be themselves and become aware of their bodies and thoughts.
Library Voorschoten Wed 7 December

14:00 – 5-7 years and 15:00 – 8-10 years
Wassenaar Library on Saturday 10th December

10:30 – 5-7 years and 11:30 – 8-10 years
Participation € 6.50, Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

Miriam Lucia: From writing competition to publication

Fellow and author Miriam Lucia explains what participating in writing competitions can lead to. Several short stories have been published in short story collections. At the end of October 2020, his winning thriller novel ‘David and Sara’ appeared in the 4 in 1 book ‘Black Snow’, at Godijn Publishing. In March 2022 she solidified her name with “The Necklace”, from the writing contest with the theme “Fatal Encounter”. By the end of the year she was allowed to sign another songwriter’s contract. The launch of ‘The Corpse in the Library’ followed last September. This cute detective is the first part of a series starring the librarian Ilona Wachters.

Where and how do you prefer to write and where does Miriam find inspiration? Come and tell her about her adventures as a writer. Maybe you want a (fictional) role in a later part?

Saturday 10 December 14.30 at the Wassenaar Library

Sunday 18 December at 1.30 pm Voorschoten Library

Sign up for free at obvw.nl/activiteiten

Lecture Infections: It is worth knowing how viruses work
It’s the season: A cough and runny nose “were part of it” but are quickly exciting in the current weather. Our health is important to us, how can we influence it ourselves? Because what is a virus and how does an infection work?
Lex van der Kooij, physiotherapist/teacher and member of the Voorschoten prevention agreement tells everything in his lecture with a lot of information about how a virus works and what we can do ourselves to minimize the chance of a virus infecting us. .
Sunday 11 December at 2 pm in the Voorschoten Library

Order your tickets via obvw.nl/activiteiten

Give or give away: Comic book writing workshop
Soon we will have a super cool workshop for all young people who love comics and for those who don’t know yet.
Esther Holtkamp has been editor of Donald Duck Weekblad for years and explains how a comic is made in Donald Duck and how a comic can also be made. For example, do you have to be very good at drawing to make a comic? (Answer: no!)
Of course, you’ll also start creating your own comic. We are curious about the results!

Tuesday 6 December at 16 at the Wassenaar Library
Tue 20 December at 16 at the Voorschoten Library
Ages 7 – 12 | €7.50 per person
Tickets away obvw.nl/jeugd

Film house Wassenaar
Tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis.


Sara arrives on the island of Stromboli with a suitcase full of vodka and an exhausted heart. She ends up in a retreat where, along with a motley crew of other wandering souls, she faces the demons of her past under the guidance of charismatic guru Jens.

Date Start time Movie
zo 27 nov 15.00 uur Tutankhamon: The Last Exhibition
Tu 28 Nov 20.00 uur Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
of Nov 29 14.00 uur Good luck to you, Leo Grande
Wed 30 Nov 14:00 De Club van Sinterklaas and the race against time
w 30 Nov 20.00 uur Passengers of the Night
Thu 1 Dec 13.30 Cineclub
vr 2 Dec 20.00 uur Good luck to you, Leo Grande
za 3 Dec 20.00 uur Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition
Sun 4 Dec 12.30 The Sinterklaas Club and the race against time

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