Waskita AGMS Approves a Loan of IDR 15.3 Trillion with a Government Guarantee

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – General meeting Shareholder Annual (RUPST) Fiscal Year 2020 which was held in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/04/2021), approved the plan Clairvoyant to obtain funding with guarantee from the Government.

Waskita targets to receive funding of Rp 15.3 trillion from bank loans and the issuance of bonds or sukuk.

Waskita will use the funds obtained to complete the construction of various infrastructure projects that are currently being worked on.

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Currently, Waskita is waiting for the Ministry of Finance’s approval for the guarantee.

With the guarantee from the Government, Waskita’s creditworthiness will increase, resulting in a more competitive cost of debt.

In 2020, Waskita managed to record a new contract value of IDR 27 trillion.

The new contracts consist of 43 percent of connectivity infrastructure projects, 8 percent of water resources infrastructure projects, 13 percent of building projects, 27 percent of EPC projects, and nine percent of contracts obtained by subsidiaries.

The AGMS also determined a new board of commissioners and directors:


  • President / Independent Commissioner: Badrodin Haiti
  • Commissioner: Robert Leonard Marbun
  • Commissioner: Mochammad Fadjroel Rachman
  • Commissioner: Ahmad Erani Yustika
  • Commissioner: T. Iskandar
  • Independent Commissioner: Muradi
  • Independent Commissioner: Bambang Setyo Wahyudi


  • President Director: Destiawan Soewardjono
  • Director of Operations I: I Ketut Pasek Senjaya Putra
  • Director of Operations II: Bambang Rianto
  • Operation Director III: Gunadi
  • HCM & System Development Director: Hadjar Seti Adji
  • Director of Finance & Risk Management: Taufik Hendra Kusuma
  • Director of Business Development & QSHE: Luki Theta Handayani



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