“Was conscious”: Yulia Menshova told the last time she spoke with her father

The daughter of Vladimir Menshov asked the doctors to let her go to her father. The actress understood that any day could be the last for a parent.

Julia Menshova. Photo: Instagram.com/juliavmenshova

TV presenter Yulia Menshova shared the details of the last conversation with her father.

After the death of her father, the daughter of Vladimir Menshov published archival photographs of the artist. And recently, Julia told about what the parent talked to her about before his death.

Menshova remembered how she got into the intensive care unit of Vladimir Valentinovich. Julia watched with horror at the hospital ward of the red zone and her father.

“I wasn’t there, but I went to the intensive care unit once. I asked the doctors to let me go there, because I understood that the dynamics was getting worse, and my dad was getting older. I understood that everything is possible. It was scary. Red zone … Everything is like in the series “Chernobyl”. I brought food for my dad. He was conscious, but could not really talk – he was under a mask. Dad recognized me immediately, although I was in a suit. He took my hand and asked what I had brought. I was very happy about this, because it was such a lively question. I brought him fish soup from the restaurant, ”Menshova said.

By the way, Julia was the first to know about her father’s death. For a long time she did not know how to inform her mother about this.

“She was in the hospital, but I wanted her to know from me. Now mom is feeling well, she is great. It holds up in an amazing way, although it costs a lot of effort. We do not really dive into this topic, because we will cry. But the parents discussed the topic of death, discussed what would happen when one of them dies. It is not customary for us to be afraid, “Yulia noted in the YouTube show. “And talk?”.

We will remind, earlier Yulia Menshova lit in the photo a cozy interior living room. The artist complained about the lack of heat in the street and at home. Celebrities even had to pose under a tangerine blanket.

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