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Warren oldest world champion ever after victory over Williams in BDO World Cup final

Wayne Warren has captured the world title at the BDO. 57-year-old Welshman defeated fellow countryman Jim Williams in the final with 7-4 and was crowned the oldest darts world champion ever.

Warren has been the most constant player throughout the entire tournament, with averages above ninety. In the final threw The yank a average of 93.59 points per turn, which was ultimately slightly lower than the Williams average (94.53).

Just like in his previous games this tournament, Warren had a slow start. Williams took a 2-0 lead and had a good chance to extend his lead to 3-0. However, The Quiff was not in fifteen arrows and Warren was able to halve his deficit via double 1.

The number five on the placement list then also scourged Williams’ set after missing two set arrows. The five subsequent sets went with the darts, giving Warren a 5-4 lead.

Williams then had a weak set of his own, as a result of which his experienced countryman took the tenth set 3-1. Warren took a 6-4 lead, but it did not get nervous at all. With, among other things, two 14-darters, the eleventh set went to The yank, making him the BDO world title.

Sunday January 12
World Cup Final (Best of 13 sets)

Wayne Warren (93.59) 7-4 (94.53) Jim Williams

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Author: Pieter Verbeek


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