Warns about activities in the online store proffit.lv, which entices with low prices

Consumer rights Protection centre (PTAC) calls on consumers to carefully assess the need to purchase goods from the online store www.proffit.lv.

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In recent months, a large number of consumers have turned to the CRPC for help in situations where the online store does not deliver goods and does not reimburse the money paid for them for a long time, the CRPC representative Sanita Gertmane informed.

After receiving consumer requests for help, the CRPC has concluded that many consumers who have purchased goods in the online store www.proffit.lv have found themselves in a similar situation. The initially ordered product is not delivered on the website within the promised term. Only after contacting the trader does the consumer know that delivery will be delayed for various reasons, such as the supplier’s problems, the goods still in the transfer or being delayed at the border. When, after several extensions of the delivery time, the consumer wants to get back the money paid for the product – he is promised a refund at a certain time, but the terms are extended several times. Only after the consumer turned to the CRPC, the merchant has made a refund for the undelivered product in several cases.

Experience shows that consumers have chosen this store because the prices of goods have been much cheaper compared to other online stores.

In total, CRPC has received 199 applications and 363 consultation requests on the activities of SIA “Kasija”. However, SIA “MULTI-Services” also operates in this online store, which works only with legal entities and cooperation partners, although it can be concluded from the received complaints that SIA “MULTI-Services” also serves individuals. As a result, 30 applications have been received and 20 consultations have been provided to consumers about this company as well. Taking into account that SIA “MULTI-Services” also operates in the online store www.maksimum.lv, CRPC invites consumers to carefully assess the need to purchase goods in this online store.

Currently, the CRPC continues communication with SIA “Kasija” in order to assess the specific situation and, if necessary, perform monitoring activities.

In order to protect consumers from the desire to purchase goods from the online store www.proffit.lv at better prices, at the request of the CRPC, www.kurpirkt.lv, www.gudriem.lv and www.salidzini.lv have excluded this online store from comparison portals. The CRPC also invites you to find out the experience of other consumers on various feedback portals before purchasing goods in any online store, as well as to make sure that the particular merchant is not included in the CRPC Black List or the List of Suspicious Sites.

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