Warning of Counterfeit Medicines in the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Market

Warning of Counterfeit Medicines in the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Market

Walid Abdel Salam wrote Tuesday, September 26, 2023 08:48 AM

issued Egyptian Medicine Authority An official report warning of 3 counterfeit medicines present in the pharmaceutical market, and this comes within the framework of the Authority’s concern for the health and safety of citizens and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to advance public health and control the pharmaceutical market.

The Medicines Authority said: “The Authority warns against counterfeit containers of the pharmaceutical preparation Tarivid 200 mg.” The Authority explained how it is possible to differentiate between counterfeit and original containers, and it came as follows:

– The original packages, the outer carton, there is an M mark above the word “Tarifid”, in the fake package the size is different.

It is worth noting that this preparation is used for reproductive system infections in men and women.

The Authority also warned against the POLYFRESH preparation and said that there are adulterated packages of the pharmaceutical preparation in the markets, and citizens should refer to the doctor or pharmacist when purchasing, or call the Authority’s hotline.

It is noteworthy that the preparation is used as a drop to treat lack of tears, dry eyes, and inflammation that affects them.

The Medicines Authority warned in its circular against the vital preparation Efalex Liquid 120ml, and the Authority said that it is possible to differentiate outwardly through the virtual carton, the word “England” in dots in the original packaging, and there is no counterfeit, and there is another point of difference in the size of the components.

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The Drug Authority asked citizens, in the event of a complaint, to return to the pharmacist to verify the packaging, call the hotline 15301, or report it via the Authority’s website.

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