Technology Warden is a new security app that every Android...

Warden is a new security app that every Android user needs


The new Warden app disables tracking software and more in the applications installed on your Android device.

It’s not a secret that we are constantly monitoring while browsing the internet, and there are thousands of Android apps with built-in trackers that sometimes not only have the sole purpose of storing personal information to improve the service provided, but also to share it with potential customers of third parties such as advertisers, for those who do not like it, is available Now a new open source application called Warden is based as shown in the title.

By the way, to make the most of the application, your Android device must have root privileges, and this will enable the user to disable all tracking devices and registries detected in the applications installed on the device using a fixed list of tracking devices and logins collected by the non-profit organization Exodus Privacy.

As for how the application works, it first reads Dalvik Executable files known as “dex” within each installed application to check if one of the category names corresponds to a known tracker or registrar from the above list.

Here, the administrators of the application indicate that not all registrars are malicious programs, some of which can be used to record user activities for various legitimate purposes, but there are some registry tools that are effective tools that can send user data to developers without your consent.

Moreover, the Warden app includes two experimental tools, the first De-Bloater which allows users to disable, hide or uninstall the tracker applications, and the second “Nuke it” which will allow them to check all applications installed on the device and disable all known tracker components automatically.

Finally, the Warden app is not available on the Google Play Store, and since it is an open source application it is completely safe, that you can download it via its APK file from below, and it is required that your Android device is running version 5.0 and later.

Download the Warden app.


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