War Ukraine – Russia, last minute live | British intelligence ensures that half of the Russian separatist force has fallen

Thursday, June 23, 2022 – 08:29

Russia closes the fence in the war in Ukraine on two key cities, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk

Several Ukrainian women learn to shoot in the war in Ukraine.AFP
  • Diplomacy Biden will meet with Felipe VI and Sánchez before the NATO summit

Russian forces continue to record casualties in the war in ukrainealthough the Kremlin refuses to give information on the fallen soldiers in the guerra. Russian forces in the region of Donetsk in Ukraine they have suffered heavy casualties, according to UK intelligence officials. They estimate that only the militia of Donetsk has lost 55% of its original strength.

Russian forces are focused on conquering the entire neighbor Lugansk on the war in ukrainewith the aim of surrounding the city of Lysychansk, say Ukrainian leaders. UK military intelligence predicts that it is very likely that Russia intended to deploy a large number of reserve units in eastern donbas of Ukraine.

The leaders of the European Union hold a summit this Thursday in Brussels which will debate whether to grant the status of candidate of Ukraine. Green He has rushed “a telephone marathon” and has spoken with up to 11 heads of state to prepare his candidacy.

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