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The general secretary of the OTANJens Stoltenberg, addressed this Saturday with the president of TurkeyRecep Tayyip Erdogan, the request of Sweden and Finland to enter the Atlantic Alliance, as he said on his Twitter account.

“Good phone conversation with President Erdogan, about our valuable Turkey to discuss Finland and Sweden’s NATO applications. We have agreed to continue talks in Brussels and Madrid next week,” he noted in the tweet.

Some 40 international leaders and 5,000 attendees will attend the NATO summit in Madrid on the 29th and 30th, where the new “Strategic Concept” will be discussed, a document that will direct the Alliance’s strategies in the coming years and that will take into account account the current crisis with Russia, the strength of China or emerging and disruptive technologies.

Finland and Sweden have applied for NATO membership following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the accession process has been complicated by concerns raised by Turkey.

The transatlantic organization wants to make that incorporation a reality as soon as possible.

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Turkey, a member of the Alliance, accuses Helsinki and, above all, Stockholm, of maintaining a policy of welcoming Kurdish militants.

The thirty current members of the transatlantic organization must unanimously support the entry of new countries, for which Ankara’s approval is needed.

Stoltenberg has repeatedly said that he cannot say “when” exactly the two Nordic countries will be able to join the Alliance.

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