War in Ukraine, live – Kiev admits: “Russia ahead in Luhansk”. Moscow: “Mariupol port has been mined, it can be used”

26 Mag 2022


Medvedev: “Zelensky’s peace conditions are unattainable”

The conditions set by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the truce are impossible to achieve in principle. This was stated by the vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, quoted by the Russian agency Tass.

26 Mag 2022


Premier Finland: “Our relationship with Russia will never be the same again”

The war in Ukraine represents “a turning point”, so much so that “relations with Russia can no longer be the same as before”. This was stated by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, on a visit to Kiev today. “We, as Finland, support all actions of the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes, gather evidence for future prosecution and condemn Russia,” Marin said after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “What Russia has done is a turning point for the entire European family and the whole world”, she added, underlining that “it is not possible to go back to the relationships that existed before” the war.

26 Mag 2022


Draghi: “Glimmers of peace after the phone call with Putin? The answer is no”

No opening for peace. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, at a press conference at the end of the phone call with Vladimir Putin. When asked if he had glimpsed any opening in the talks to start a peace negotiation, the premier said: “The answer is no.”

26 Mag 2022


Pentagon: “Russia has lost a thousand tanks and 350 pieces of artillery”

Russian soldiers lost “about a thousand tanks” and “well over 350 pieces of artillery” in the war in Ukraine. But also “almost thirty fixed-wing fighter-bombers and more than 50 helicopters”. This was stated by a senior Pentagon official, as reported by CNN. Despite these losses, Russia still retains “most of its military capabilities”, the official added. “They have invested a great deal of their hardware and personnel in this battle. The Ukrainians suffered losses, the Russians suffered losses, ”he added. “The Russians have a superiority in terms of the number of resources they can devote to this battle in terms of people, equipment and weapons. We just have to keep that in mind, ”the official added.

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26 Mag 2022


Transnistria dissolves the government

The president of Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoselsky, dissolved the government of the self-proclaimed republic. Tass reports it. Parliament will meet tomorrow for an emergency session during which it will examine the candidacy of Alexander Rosenberg, indicated by Krasnoselsky, as the new prime minister.

26 Mag 2022


Moscow: “Port of Mariupol made safe”

Foreign ships can now leave the port of Mariupolthat was it secured, but “the leadership of the countries of the owners of the ships have not yet taken the necessary measures for their evacuation”. The ministry of the Defence Russian, quoted by Tass. The blocked ships are 6 cargo of Bulgaria, Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Liberia and Jamaica, adds Moscow.

26 Mag 2022


Phone call with Draghi, Putin accuses Kiev of “hindering” safe navigation

In the phone call with the Prime Minister Mario Draghithe Russian president Vladimir Putin he said Moscow is making “efforts to secure one safe navigation in the Sea of ​​Azov and in the Black Sea ”, stating that it is Ukraine that“ hinders it ”. This was reported by the Kremlin quoted by Russian agencies.

26 Mag 2022


26 Mag 2022


Putin to Draghi: “Uninterrupted gas supply to Italy”

Vladimir Putinduring the telephone conversation with Mario Draghiconfirmed that Russia intends to secure one uninterrupted supply from gas to Italy. This was reported by the Kremlin, according to reports from TASS. The Russian president also informed the premier about the negotiations “suspended from Kiev ”during their phone call.

26 Mag 2022


Putin to Draghi: “Ready to unblock wheat if sanctions are lifted”

The Russian president Vladimir Putin, in the phone call with the premier Draghistressed that Russia is ready to help overcome the food crisis (by lifting the blockade on Ukrainian wheat) in exchange for the lifting of the sanctions. The Kremlinquoted by Tass.

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