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This is a distance agreement for the purchase of a content service in the Internet environment, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, which is concluded between SIA “Kurzemes Vārds” (registration number: 42103002455, legal address: Pasta Street 3, Liepāja, LV-3401; e-mail: info @ liepajniekiem. lv), hereinafter referred to as the GOK, and the person making the purchase, hereinafter referred to as the BUYER, on the website liepajniekiem.lv, hereinafter referred to as the WEBSITE, or on the website kurzemes-vards.lv, hereinafter referred to as the GOK, and both contractors together – CONTRIBUTORS. The BUYER, when making a purchase on the SITE / SITE within the framework of this Agreement, agrees to its terms, is entitled to print and save these terms of the Agreement.

Within the framework of this Agreement:

  1. BUYER means a natural or legal person who purchases on the SITE / SITE GOK for the purpose of paid content services that are not related to economic activity, hereinafter – the BUYER;
  2. THE SERVICE is one of the content services listed in this clause, which is available for purchase on the SITE / SITE, and the subscription of which the BUYER is entitled to purchase:
  1. Liepajniekiem plus – paid digital content service, including articles, photos, which is specially created, selected and published on the SITE with the indication “plus”,
  2. “Kurzemes Vārds” electronic subscription – paid digital content service ON THE SITE in the GOK, including an electronic copy identical to the printed newspaper “Kurzemes Vārds” (registered in the mass information register under No. 000700763, from 28.11.1991) an archive of one month’s previous electronic copies,
  3. “Kurzemes Vārds” printed newspaper – a regional newspaper published in paper format (registered in the mass information register with the number 000700763, from 28.11.1991), the delivery of which to the BUYER in Liepāja and Grobiņa (in the city) is provided by SIA ” “Latvijas Pasts” in accordance with its delivery schedule.

The subscription to the SERVICE is fixed for a certain price, which can be changed by the GOK without prior notice (the change does not apply to the already paid term of the SERVICE), notifying the BUYER thereof no later than 30 days before the new price takes effect. The GOK and the BUYER agree that changes in the price of the SERVICE are applied for the new period at the end of the prepaid subscription period for the SERVICE. The subscription price of the SERVICE includes all taxes applicable to it, including value added tax (hereinafter – VAT) in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia:

  1. Liepajnieki plus has a 4 (four) week license to use the SERVICE for the price – EUR 1.99 (one euro and 99 cents).
  2. “Kurzemes Vārds” electronic subscription is a 4 (four) week SERVICE usage permit for the price – EUR 4.99 (four euros and 99 cents).
  3. The printed newspaper “Kurzemes Vārds” is a paper edition for EUR 7.90 (seven euros and 90 cents) per month.

This section of the Agreement describes the procedure for purchasing the SERVICE and payment for the purchase of a subscription to the SERVICE.

2.1. The Buyer can purchase the SERVICE only after registration on the website / KV. In order to purchase a subscription to the SERVICE, the Buyer must select the method of payment by entering the information required by the GOK. By accepting this agreement, the BUYER confirms that he has clearly understood that the purchase of a subscription to the SERVICE is a paid service, as well as has read the content of this agreement.

2.2. The BUYER purchases the subscription of the SERVICE using a payment card or via SMS (the fee will be included in the BUYER’s mobile service provider’s invoice), and it is issued as a regular payment, the term of which is automatically extended to the next fixed 4 (four) week term for the Liepāja service and Kurzemes Vārds electronic subscription, but with the next calendar month automatically extended for the SERVICE Kurzeme Vārds printed newspaper for the subscription, and the payment for the SERVICE subscription is automatically included in the KV bank account until the BUYER chooses to cancel the purchase of the SERVICE subscription in the website.

    1. If the BUYER has paid for the SERVICE on a business day before 14.00, then the delivery of the subscription will start on the next business day, if the delivery is provided by AC Kurzemes Vārds, or after two business days, if the delivery is provided by Latvijas Pasts;
    2. If the BUYER has made a payment on a business day after 14:00, then the delivery of the subscription will start on the next business day, if the delivery is provided by AC Kurzemes Vārds, or after three business days, if the delivery is provided by Latvijas Pasts;

KV Within the framework of this Agreement with the SERVICE Liepajnieki plus and Kurzemes Vārds electronic subscription provides a service that corresponds to the digital content prepaid service online (delivery of digital content as e-publications that is not delivered on a standalone medium), available upon request and its delivery is started with the SERVICE the moment of payment for the subscription, at which the subscription to the SERVICE is automatically activated. The BUYER agrees that the moment of activation of the SERVICE, the use of the SERVICE is started, thus the BUYER waives the right of withdrawal for 14 days and the refund of the amount paid, based on the Cabinet of Ministers 20.05.2014. the provisions of Paragraph 22.13 of Regulation No. 255 “Regulations regarding distance contracts”.


The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable for the obligations of the other CONTRACTOR towards third parties, if they arise in connection with the implementation of this Agreement. The PARTIES agree that if any of them fails to perform their obligations under the Agreement due to force majeure circumstances, it shall be released from liability for non-performance of the Agreement at all or for proper non-performance of the Agreement. Force majeure means any circumstance beyond the control of the CONTRACTOR (if the CONTRACTOR has acted reasonably and fairly), as a result of which it was not possible to perform the obligations properly or at all and if these circumstances could not have been foreseen not only for the CONTRACTOR but for any other person. operates or would operate in the relevant industry of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY, as well as if these circumstances could not be remedied by reasonable and fair means.


All information that is not publicly available and that one of the PARTIES provides to each other during the performance of the Agreement or is disclosed in the performance of its duties, including information about the financial position, technologies and software used, service and SITE development plans, is recognized and treated as confidential.

Such information shall not be considered confidential if, prior to its acquisition, it was already in the possession of the other PARTY or was in the public domain and, at the time of receipt of such information, was not subject to the condition of confidentiality;


Under this Agreement, the GOK grants the BUYER a general license for the SERVICE. The BUYER is prohibited from using the digital content available during the SERVICE for activities not provided for in this Agreement, including copying, reproducing, publishing or otherwise using it without the written consent of the GOK and contrary to the legal requirements of the Copyright Law. The GOK guarantees that all persons involved in the development of the digital content platform Liepaja Plus and Kurzeme Vārds electronic subscription have an agreement according to which the copyright of the digital content available on the SERVICE and its platform solutions belongs to the GOK and it does not know any third party the right to challenge and impede the use and / or distribution of the SERVICE.


The CONTRACTORS agree that each CONTRACTOR, as the controller and operator of personal data during the term of this Agreement, shall process manually and / or electronically (including the collection, registration, input, storage, modification, use, transfer, blocking or deletion of data) from the other CONTRACTOR received data only to the extent necessary and resulting from the concluded Agreement. Purpose and purpose of data processing: contracting, invoicing and sending, payment management, communication and cooperation, ensuring efficient GOK management processes, business planning and analysis, review and processing of claims and / or applications, sending newsletters as necessary and follows from the concluded Agreement. The GOK follows the instructions of the BUYER, uses the necessary technical means and takes organizational measures to protect the data of natural persons and prevent their illegal processing. Personal data will be stored in electronic form throughout the term of the Agreement, as well as during the limitation period specified in the applicable regulatory enactments, within which complaints may be filed, claims may be filed and similar proceedings may be initiated. CONTRACTOR may transfer the personal data of the other CONTRACTOR to related processors who provide accounting, legal, IT or other similar services under this Agreement. By concluding the Agreement, the BUYER agrees to the processing, updating and storage of data, identification, sending information about changes to the SERVICE and offers, etc. The BUYER, who is a consumer within the framework of this Agreement, is entitled to request the GOK to provide the information on the BUYER’s personal data free of charge, to request their correction or deletion, and, if necessary, to withdraw its previously issued consent to personal data processing. The obligations set forth in this Section shall remain in force indefinitely and shall remain in force even if one of the PARTIES unilaterally withdraws from the Agreement or if the Agreement terminates otherwise.


This Agreement enters into force when the BUYER purchases a subscription to the SERVICE ON THE SITE, agrees to its terms and pays the subscription fee. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and is valid until the fulfillment of the assumed obligations. The BUYER is also entitled to cancel the subscription to the SERVICE by making appropriate changes to the SITE. The cancellation in this case applies to a subsequent subscription period for which the BUYER has not paid and / or does not intend to do so. The CONTRACTING PARTIES undertake to settle any dispute between the PARTIES arising from this Agreement through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved without the mediation of the court, the dispute is considered in the court of the Republic of Latvia.

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