Want to See Super Blood Moon tomorrow? It’s Time and Way Yogya

The appearance of the moon Supermoon in the Jogja Kembali Monument (Monjali) area at 18.10 WIB, Friday (7/5/2020-) Gudeg.net/Rahman

Gudeg.net- Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a rare natural phenomenon will occur, namely Super Blood Moon or Super Red Moon or in astronomical terms commonly known as Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT).

The Indonesian National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) in their social media accounts said that this year’s GBT was very special because it coincided with the seconds of the Buddhist festival, Tri Suci Waisak 2565 BE.

“In addition, the specialty of GBT this time is accompanied by the occurrence of Parige, which is where the moon is at a very close distance to the earth,” wrote Lapan in his medsos instagram account. @lapan_ri , Monday (24/5).

There are also times and ways of viewing a Total Moon Eclipse or Super Blood Moon are as follows;

1. Total Lunar Eclipse can be seen with the naked eye, without the use of optical aids or any vision.

2. The Total Lunar Eclipse can be witnessed throughout Indonesia, from Eastern to Southeastern Indonesia (to southeast for eastern Indonesia)

3. The duration of the total phase of the Total Lunar Eclipse is quite short, which is only 14 minutes 30 seconds, but the initial phase of the penumbra to the end of the penumbra will last almost 5 hours.

The total lunar eclipse phenomenon will begin with the Penumbra process starting at 15.46.12 WITA / 16.46.12 WITA / 17.46.12 WIT, the Beginning of Partial GBT at 16.44.37 WIB / 17.44.37 WITA / 18.44.37 WIT, the Beginning of the Total GBT at 18.09 .29 WIB / 19.09.29 WITA / 20.09.29 WIT.

The peak of GBT will occur at 18.18.43 WIB / 19.18.43 WITA / 20.18.43 WITA, the end of the total GBT at 18.27.57 WIB / 19.27.57 WITA / 20.27.57 WITA and the End of Penumbra will take place at 20.51.16 WIB / 21.51.16 WITA / 21.51.16 WIT.

4. The peak of a total lunar eclipse will occur with a distance of the Moon about 357 644 kilometers from Earth

‚ÄúThis is a special astronomical phenomenon and it’s a shame to miss it. GBT which coincides with Vesak Day occurs around 195 years and will again occur on May 10, 2199, May 21, 2217 and May 16, 2394, “explained Lapan.



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