Want to lose weight? Here are 5 common salad mistakes you should avoid

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Tuesday 02nd February 2021

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Salad is one of the dishes that most people think of when they think of healthy eating and a weight loss diet.
A portion of a salad with a meal or snack is an easy choice to make you feel full and to increase your portion sizes of vegetables and fruits.
The fact that eating salad does not necessarily mean that you are eating healthy food can either lead to weight loss or become a cause of weight gain, depending on the ingredients you choose to add to it, salads served in restaurants are likely to ruin your weight.
Here are 5 common mistakes people make while preparing a salad dish that can dampen their weight-loss efforts, according to timesofindia.
Skip the protein
It might seem fair to cut back on the ingredients in your salad to reduce your calorie intake, but this should never be protein, since you should actually be consuming fewer carbs and fats, cutting back on protein wouldn’t be a good idea.
Protein is the building block of cells and you have to consume it daily, these macronutrients increase the feeling of satiety and prevent you from eating unhealthy chewing, always add good sources of protein in your salad such as nuts, seeds, eggs, chicken breast or some hummus.
Lack of fat
Fats, carbohydrates, and protein are the three main nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis, although you may be careful about eating saturated and trans fats, never completely avoid fats.
There are two types of fats – bad and good, bad fats are unhealthy for weight, good fats support weight loss by promoting satiety. Choose healthy sources of fats for your meal, such as olive oil, avocados, and fatty fish.
Add a lot of sauce
Salad dressing adds flavor to meals, but to satisfy your taste buds, do not drown vegetables and fruits in their creamy fatty layers, instead of marinating cheese or mayonnaise, it is preferable to add olive oil with vinegar and avocado seasonings with heart-healthy fats, in addition to adding flavor to your plate, it satisfies your hunger And it keeps you full.
Not adding enough vegetables
The main ingredient for a weight loss salad should always be vegetables, instead of choosing one or two green vegetables, add different types such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli or carrots, the more vegetables you add to your food, the more nutrients you get On them, try to stick to raw vegetables.
Extras are out of place
Loading salads with different types of toppings like cheese and toast is not an ideal option. Choose a healthy dish like nuts and don’t overdo it, you can even add blueberries for a good dose of antioxidants.


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