Want to know about LiDAR embedded in the HP iPhone 12 camera, check this out

BRASS DIALECTICS Company Apple has issued a new series namely iPhone 12, where this cellphone supports the 5G network.

However, it’s not the only feature on iPhone 12 which is busy talking about the public today. But there is another camera feature on iPhone 12 which is already in LiDAR technology or Light Detection and Ranging.

The LiDAR technology is already installed iPhone 12, good draw iPhone 12 Pro as well as iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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LiDAR technology is nothing new in camera phones, and not only Apple who use LiDAR even Goggle is looking for LiDAR technology for his Tango project.

However, there are only two phones that use Tango made by Goggle, one of which is the Lenovo Phan 2 Pro in 2017.

As for LiDAR performance in camera features iPhone 12, quoted DialektikaKuningan.com from the page BETWEEN NEWS as follows:

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LiDAR is a type of time-of-flight camera, it uses a laser to reflect the object, then returns to the center of the laser to measure the distance by calculating the travel time (or flight) of light waves.


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