Want to Buy Local Products? Tomorrow There is a 10.10: 10 Hours Sale Promo

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Startup company (startup) supporter brand lokal Hypefast will hold a promotion online shopping 10.10 starting Saturday (10/10/2020) tomorrow. One of the goals is to boost the national economy in the midst of a pandemic.

Previously, Hypefast had held an online shopping party 9.9.

Supported by an increase in online shopping penetration during the pandemic, 10 local Indonesian brands carrying 9.9 Super Local Brand Days have increased transactions 33 times and increased sales revenue by 23 times.

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“We are very proud to see the results of this year’s 9.9 Super Local Brand Day. This indicates that currently local brand products are increasingly in demand and targeted by Indonesians, “said Achmad Alkatiri, founder of Hypefast in his statement, Friday (9/10/2020).

Hypefast together with local brands carries out the 10.10: 10 Hours Sale campaign. In this discount party, there were 10 participating local brands, including Monomom, Soleram, Sabine & Heem, Sparse Label, Nona Loose Fashion, Wearstatuquo, Motiviga, Nyonya Nursing Wear, Sideline Label, and Nona Rara Batik.

Each brand provides various attractive offers and promos such as product prices starting from IDR 10,000, discounts of up to 82 percent, Flash Sale, Free Shipping, and Cashback Promos.

10.10: 10 Hours Sale will take place on October 10, 2020 from 10.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB.

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Customers can make transactions on various channels for these brands such as official websites, social media, as well as e-commerce.

Achmad said, his party hopes that more and more people will use domestic products and love domestic products, thus encouraging business growth local products.

“Product quality is the main thing for customers, therefore we are committed to continuously improving the quality of local Indonesian brands, one of which is fashion products. As we have seen, local brands are able to compete with brands from outside. country, “said Achmad.


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