Wang Yibo’s “You Fei” OST will be launched on Kugou to interpret Shao Xie Yun’s happy rivers and lakes_TOM News

At 12:00 on December 5th, the first single of the original soundtrack album of the TV series “You Fei” Wang Yibo’s new song “Xi Wei” was launched on Kugou Music reservation. As soon as the news came out, netizens rushed into Kugou Music to make appointments, and the number of appointments in just two hours has exceeded 300,000.

This “Xiwei” is actually an episode of the TV series “You Fei” starring Wang Yibo, and is included in the original soundtrack album of the TV series “You Fei” by Kugou. “You Fei” is adapted from the well-known author Priest’s IP-level work “There are Bandits”. It is based on the newcomer Zhou Fei (Zhao Liying) who has grown up, and the open-minded Xie Yun (Wang Yibo) together to create a legendary experience. It tells the story of a new generation of heroic teenagers in the arena. It has not yet started broadcasting, “You Fei” has already become popular.

In the episode “Xi Wei”, Wang Yibo used a youthful tone to express Xie Yun’s affectionate and affectionate way to Zhou Fei. The melody of the song is clear and graceful, the meaning of the word is ancient, and the guitar is combined with the melodious flute and flute sound, creating a unique poetic and chic, the melody advances slowly, and also reflects the true and pure emotions. “If you haven’t waited until you return, begging to love you again in twenty years will be considered no regrets.” Xie Yun made a tactful confession to Zhou Fei, the “little beauty” as a thousand years of worry.

From the members of the idol group UNIQ, to the members of the “Tian Tian Brothers”, to the new generation of actors, and the actor who won the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards, Wang Yibo’s growth has been steady and steady, and the progress is obvious to all. In this lead role in “You Fei”, Wang Yibo plays Xie Yun, a young knight who fights swordsmanship, and sings the episode OST “Xiwei”. No wonder it will be attracted the attention of the whole network.

“Experiencing the darkness before sunrise, still fainting with the sky.” At 12:00 on December 8th, the first single of the original soundtrack album of “You Fei” Wang Yibo “Xiwei” will be officially launched on Kugou Music. If you support the new song, you will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive photo of Wang Yibo. Remember to make an appointment in advance and listen on time. Soon, other OSTs of the original soundtrack album of the “You Fei” TV series will also be launched on Kugou Music, so stay tuned.


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