Wanda Hamidah’s Clarification Regarding the Vandalism of Her Ex-Husband’s House

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Actress and politician Wanda Hamidah | finally opened up about the report made by her ex-husband, Daniel Patrick Schuldt.

Wanda was reported on suspicion of vandalism and humiliation carried out on Sunday (15/5/2022).

Wanda explained that the incident occurred because she wanted to pick up her son, Malakai, who used to spend weekends at Daniel’s house.

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On Sunday night, Wanda Hamidah still couldn’t meet Malakai so she decided to pick him up at Daniel’s house.

“What happened was that Malakai was not returned to me. It made me panic, and I was so angry that even Malakai’s father tried to remove the traces,” Wanda said as quoted by Kompas.com from her Instagram page, Wednesday (18/5/2022).

Daniel, continued Wanda, avoided being asked about his and Malakai’s whereabouts.

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Wanda Hamidah finally found her ex-husband’s new home address from a friend.

Instead of opening the door and being greeted warmly, Wanda Hamidah actually experienced an unpleasant thing.

“But, what happened was the other way around, I was not received well. I panicked, I was frustrated, I was angry, after two days of filming and I really miss my child,” said Wanda Hamidah shaking with tears.

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In her clarification video, Wanda Hamidah did not deny that she damaged the doors and windows of Daniel’s new house.

However, he emphasized that all of this was triggered by his frustration at not being able to meet his son.

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“It’s true I broke the doors and windows because of my frustration, my longing, my anger, and I couldn’t see my child,” he said.

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Currently, the report has been submitted to the Depok Metro Police.

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