Wals-Himmelreich: Accident with an alcoholic at the roundabout

Two cars and one exit

38 years old has 1.78 per thousand intus

APA/Georg Hochmuth/Archive

The alcohol test came back positive for the 38-year-old. (ICON IMAGE)

At the roundabout in Wals-Himmelreich, there was a rear-end collision at the exit on Sunday evening. A motorist had 1.78 per mille of alcohol in his blood.

Another road accident occurred in the Salzburger Land in which a drunk driver was involved. In Wals-Himmelreich (Flachgau) there was a rear-end collision involving a 38-year-old Austrian and a 32-year-old German. The German and his passenger were slightly injured in the crash, police said in a broadcast.

Alcoholic motorist caught with 1.78 per thousand

During the recording of the accident by the carabinieri, an alcohol test was carried out on the drivers of the vehicles, which resulted positive for the 38-year-old with a blood alcohol content of 1.78.
The Austrian’s license was therefore taken away and a complaint was filed.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

Accessed November 28, 2022 at 06:26 at https://www.salzburg24.at/news/salzburg/flachgau/wals-himmelreich-unfall-mit-alkolenker-im-kreisverkehr-130445941

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