Walrus hitchhiked to Ireland for the first time

Photo: facebook.com/IrishWhaleandDolphinGroup/

Walrus fell asleep and ended up in Ireland

Scientists promise to return the animal to its homeland as soon as it recovers. While they are urging not to disturb him.

For the first time in history, a walrus was discovered in Ireland. The unique find on Valentia Island was discovered by local resident Alan Hoolichen, an Irish group of whales and dolphins reported on March 14.

An Irishman saw the animal while walking with his daughter along the seaside. At first he thought it was a seal. But then I saw the tusks.

“He was about the size of a bull or a cow. Very big. He sat on a stone, as if posing, and then lifted the fin. We thought he was greeting us, ”Houlihan said.

Researchers suggest that the animal fell asleep on an ice floe, which transported it to Ireland across the Atlantic Ocean. They also urge not to disturb the walrus so that he can gain strength after a long journey.

“Walruses love to sleep on icebergs, which take them to distant places,” the flanners say and call this journey the most unique animal experience. It is assumed that the walrus covered more than one and a half thousand kilometers.

As a reminder, in 2016 to make selfie with walrus turned out to be deadly for the photographer and his lifeguard.

Nudist walrus sets new national record

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