Walmart shortens hours and closes stores in the United States in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

Other supermarkets also changed their hours as the coronavirus has spread in the United States.

The pasta rack is almost empty in a store while people stock up during the coronavirus crisis.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The coronavirus crisis is hurting the US retail industry, which is why many stores are closing their doors or reducing their hours.

Walmart, America’s largest retailer said Saturday that will modify its store hours in response to the pandemic, while other retailers plan to temporarily close the stores, CNN reports.

Starting on Sunday, All of Walmart’s more than 4,700 US stores will be open from 6 am to 11 pm until further notice.

The company said the reduced hours will help employees replenish shelves overnight and clean stores. Thousands of Walmart stores are already operating at reduced hours.

Walmart employees will maintain their regular day or night shifts, the company said.

Other United States grocery stores like Publix, Giant, Stop & Shop and H-E-B They have also changed their schedules in recent days as the coronavirus virus has spread.

Saturday night, Urban Outfitters He said he will close all stores worldwide and will not reopen them until at least March 28.

Patagonia, Glossier and Neighborhood Goods They have also announced that their stores will temporarily close.



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