Walliser Kantonalbank waived 100 million francs – for the time being

The Walliser Kantonalbank is significantly accommodating the economy in the corona crisis. It’s the second time.

As I had last year the Walliser Kantonalbank (WKB) decided to suspend amortization payments on loans from Valais companies during 2021.

As the state institute calculated, thanks to this measure, the Valais economy will have more than 100 million francs in liquidity. The postponement of the amortization payments, which are due on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31, is automatic for the customers concerned, as it was further said.

With this extended measure, the entrepreneurs should be relieved. In addition, the measure is carried out as part of the mandate of the cantonal bank for the benefit of the economy of their canton.

Which investments will bring in the most in 2021?

  • shares

  • Bonds

  • Bitcoin

  • Gold

  • property

  • Private market investments


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