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On the eve of Easter weekend, the authorities of the Lavaux municipalities are announcing measures to moderate the enthusiasm of walkers. A road will be closed to motorized traffic, as well as wine roads. Enough to mark the occasion, without barricading the vineyard.

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At the start of the week, a radical measure had been envisaged: the closure of the spectacular Corniche road during the Easter holidays. A decision like the discontent caused by winegrowers by the disrespectful behavior of walkers flocking in the vineyards. Those who go out of the way to enter the plots have indeed caused the terror of the wine growers fearing the damage to crops in full bloom. They may have repeated that the vines were private property, nothing helped.

Distributed posters

But it was the winemakers themselves who intervened so that Lavaux did not close the door on walkers. It’s that the bipeds on the move are not only invaders, but also potential customers. “We didn’t want a ban imposed for our own comfort,” said Blaise Duboux, president of the Lavaux Vine and Wine Community. Posters were distributed to winemakers to inform passersby.

In the end, only the Chemin de la Dame will be closed to cars, from Friday to Monday. It is this road which connects Rivaz to the Corniche, leading to a viewpoint – plunging and frequented – on the Dézaley. “Wine roads will also be expressly closed to the circulation of motorized vehicles because, yes, there are people who walk in the vineyards without getting out of their car”, is surprised Jean-Paul Demierre, municipal of Bourg-en- Lavaux, in charge of the Police. He specifies that wild parking will also be in the crosshairs of the agents this weekend. This decision follows other closings aimed at avoiding gatherings, such as that of Place d’Armes in Cully or Lutry Beach.

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The Lavaux police commander (APOL) confirms that these holidays herald “sustained police activity”. “We will essentially aim to get people out of the vineyard plots by seeking their understanding,” says Raphaël Cavin. There is indeed no fine for having settled in a vineyard. However, this can lead to a criminal complaint. But in Lavaux, we prefer not to get there.

Le Creux du Van closed

On the side of the canton of Neuchâtel, the Executive announced on Wednesday the closure to vehicles of its two main tourist sites: the Creux du Van and the Gorges de l’Areuse. Confirming information from Arcinfo, Alain Ribaux, State Councilor in charge of Security, explains that the measure will last at least ten days. “It follows the high attendance of the place last weekend, in a context where we however ask the population to stay at home, argues the councilor. In addition, we have consulted with the Vaud authorities so that all access to the Creux du Van is blocked. ” The situation will be reassessed on April 19.

Created: 09.04.2020, 06h52

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