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Status: 07/21/2021 8:00 p.m.

The pandemic is not over yet, but that the incidence in Lower Saxony is currently quite low, everyone has achieved that together. The hymn “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is now available.

by Sophie Mühlmann

The second summer under the thumb of Corona, but after the waves hitting higher and higher we find ourselves in slightly gentler waters. The number of infections has fallen, the vaccination rate is increasing and no matter what may come next, we have all managed to get here together. The virus gives us at least a little respite. We wanted to capture this attitude towards life and get everyone on board who made sure that we could get to where we are now – or who simply held out bravely, despite strict rules and many restrictions.

A song of encouragement for an attitude towards life

Pupils from a Hildesheim primary school also took part.

A song was needed, a melody that everyone has heard before, with a text that gives hope and expresses the feeling that is so important in these times: We are all pulling together, we are not alone in our efforts and fears, together we are strong: You’ll Never Walk Alone! The lyrics fit perfectly, the melody, which begins like a funeral march and then swells into jubilant hope, has been known since the 1940s (not just as a football song) and: the song already has a career as an international encouraging song. In the spring of 2020, triggered by Dutch radio, it was played on the radio across Europe to confront Corona.

Everyone participates

But much more important than the song are those who sing it for us. So we phoned around and everyone, everyone was there immediately and without hesitation, with overwhelming feedback and commitment. Nurses and elementary school children, an opera singer and tram driver, parcel delivery men and world-famous a-capella singers, hairdressers and a whole brass band, a singing mud guide and a string quartet, a vaccination center and Schorse from NDR 1 Lower Saxony. A total of almost 200 people from all parts of Lower Saxony who gave us their time and their voice to bring the project to life. The whole thing was arranged and produced by Anca Graterol and Ossy Pfeiffer from Frida Park Studio in Hanover. Here some soloists have sung their part in the studio – for many of them a completely new, exciting experience.

The participants at a glance:

  • Albertus Akkermann, Borkum
  • Borgloh Wind Orchestra, Hilter
  • Deutsche Post AG delivery base in Braunschweig
  • Diakovere Henriettenstift, Hanover
  • EDEKA thank you, Hodenhagen
  • Elementary school Auf der Höhe, Hildesheim
  • Vaccination Center Region Hannover
  • Martha Eason, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater
  • Martin Juergensmann, NDR 1 Lower Saxony
  • Maybebop
  • Salon Artur Gaus, Braunschweig
  • Orchestra in the stairwell, Hanover
  • Üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe
  • Test center hil-care, Hildesheim


A number of paramedics singing

3 Min

Almost 200 Lower Saxony sang along. The song is a thank you and an incentive after a year and a half of the Corona period. (07/20/2021) 3 min

Captivating moments during the filming

In just two weeks we shot almost eight hours of material, wonderful pictures and moods, people who sing, dance, snap or make music with passion and fun. 130 nurses, doctors, cleaning and administrative staff from Diakovere in Hanover rehearsed independently and sang with fervor, as far as their shifts allowed. The little third graders of the elementary school on the Höhe in Hildesheim managed to rehearse the song in English and also practiced a choreography. From the first day of shooting it was noticeable: this song as encouragement and mutual praise does something to people, touches a nerve and pulls people away.

additional Information

Anja Büscher (right) and Anika Schrader give Jan Starkebaum an interview on July 18, 2021 in the studio of Hallo Niedersachsen.  The two women talk about the Corona singing project

6 Min

Anja Büscher and Anika Schrader also contributed to the video. How it came about, they tell in the interview. (07/18/2021) 6 min

This topic in the program:

Hello Lower Saxony | 07/21/2021 | 19:30 o’clock

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