Wake-up service 11/26: King opens veterans cemetery • Banksy graffiti auctioned

Are you on the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. Check here the timetable for the railway.

What can you expect today?

  • King Willem-Alexander opens the National Veterans Cemetery in Loenen. At the new cemetery, especially for soldiers who have been on a mission, a memorial and education center has also been set up where visitors are informed about the deployment of Dutch civilians and soldiers during the Second World War and during international peace missions. The cemetery is located next to the war cemetery.
  • There are one in Utrecht 64-year-old and a 59-year-old man rightly so suspected of, among other things, human trafficking, exploitation and abuse of boys and young men, including at least seven minors. The men are said to have run an illegal brothel in their flats.
  • A graffiti artwork by the world famous artist Banksy is being auctioned in Zwolle. It’s a little bird with a hand grenade in its beak. The work comes from the collection of Jamie Wood, son of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood. Experts believe that the artwork could yield a million euros.

What did you miss?

Forum for Democracy founder Baudet has “been radicalized and conspiracy theories started”. Which writes Nicki Pouw-Verweij, senator and number 3 on the Forum’s Lower House list, in a letter to board members. The letter is owned by The Telegraph.

Pouw-Verweij replied NOS With a view to tomorrow that Baudet during a dinner with a number of candidate MPs “crossed a moral line” and allegedly made anti-Semitic statements.

Baudet himself, featured in the talk show Beau was asked about the letter, that contradicts. “I deny that I made those statements and that I have anti-Semitic views.”

How could such consternation arise within the Forum for Democracy in such a short period of time? watch here the timeline.

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