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Wake-up call 8/7: Last day of trial Wilders? • TV promotion for Suriname


What did you miss?

More than half of the entrepreneurs are confident that their company will survive the current economic downturn, reports Statistics Netherlands. The travel industry in particular is a lot more positive. In May, 10 percent of the companies thought they would make it, now it is 51 percent. The entrepreneurs are pessimistic in the catering industry. A quarter think the company will still exist next year. A third of the catering entrepreneurs fear that their business will not reach the end of the year.

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Other news from the night:

  • People unwell at Schiphol customs office: An unknown substance was released from a suitcase that was seized. The incident happened yesterday afternoon in a commercial building where customs are also located. The substance is not believed to be hazardous to public health.
  • ‘Plan for hundreds of thousands of extra charging stations’: The national government, provinces and municipalities jointly allocate 30 million euros for this, reports Trouw. According to the Ministry of Transport, an estimated 1.7 million charging points are required. These charging stations are not only located in residential areas and along the road, but also at parking lots, supermarkets and catering establishments.
  • ‘Police and AIVD had infiltrator in top Dutch People’s Union’: It concerns Richard Prein, a close employee of NCE leader Constant Kusters, reports NRC Handelsblad. Prein says that he passed on information about the right-wing extremist organization for more than two years to protect public order.



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