Waiting for the results of DJ Joyce Challista’s Drug Assessment


Anisa Choerunnisa otherwise known as DJ Joice Challista arrested in connection with the use of methamphetamine and psychotropic drugs. Currently, DJ Joye is undergoing a drug assessment by the South Jakarta City National Narcotics Agency (BNNK).

The request for the assessment was submitted by DJ Joye’s family. The results of this assessment will later determine whether DJ Joye will be rehabilitated.

“Yes, an assessment is being carried out today,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Head AKBP Achmad Akbar when contacted, Wednesday (29/6/2022).

DJ Joy himself was arrested along with three of his colleagues with the initials IS, NU, and FE. Akbar said they are currently undergoing an assessment process at the South Jakarta BNNK.

“Everything. At the South Jakarta BNNK,” said Akbar.

So is it certain that DJ Joye will undergo rehabilitation? The police said it depended on the results of the assessment later. In addition, the results of the assessment will determine further legal steps against DJ Joye and the three other suspects.

“Later, we will see the results of the assessment first,” explained Akbar.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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